Read internet sites easily with these simple tips

The internet contains great amount of valuable information available for free. I find it usually easier to read printed material than reading on the screen. Yet, I use couple of tricks to make reading internet pages easier:


1. Use keyboard shortcuts to enlarge text and page contents. While browsing the internet on a PC, press:

CTRL + + simultaneously to make the text larger

CTRL + - to make it smaller.

CTRL + 0To reset text size to normal size.


2. Use specialized and free software to adjust screen colors and lighting to time of day (in a manner to match eye biological color responses based on day and night). For this aim I use a free tool called f.lux. Additionally, this program allows you to adjust screen brightness easily uisng simple keyboard shortcuts. Reducing screen brightness makes reading easier.


3. Use browser add-ons and extensions to make web pages easier to read by adjusting screen contrast and colors (turn white background into black and black text into white). For Google Chrome, I recommend using High Contrast extention. After installing this extention, press SHIFT + F11 to turn on / off high contrast mode.


Web page viewed in high contrast mode

 Web page viewed in high contrast mode